Mysteries of Hell

Hell in the Bible

The concept of Hell is mentioned throughout both the Old and New Testaments, and it is described as a place of punishment and separation from God for those who have rejected His ways and disobeyed His commandments. Here are a few examples of verses that describe Hell:

These verses show that Hell is a real place of punishment and eternal suffering, and that it is important to turn away from sin and follow Yeshua the Messiah in order to avoid it.

Hell in The Legends of the Jews

In TLOTJ describes how Moses visited Paradise and Hell. When Moses was about to leave Heaven, a voice from above announced that he would see Paradise and Hell. The Angel Gabriel was sent to take him to Hell, but Moses was initially frightened by the fires. However, the Angel encouraged him, saying that he could walk on the fire without being hurt. Moses then entered Hell, where he saw sinners undergoing torture by the Angels of Destruction. Some of them were suspended by their eyelids, ears, hands, and tongues, and women were suspended by their hair and breasts, all on chains of fire. Moses also heard Hell's cries, asking for food, but Nasargiel told it that the Holy One would not deliver the souls of the pious unto it. Moses then went to see other places in Hell, such as Alukah, where sinners were suspended by their feet and covered with black worms, Tit ba-Yawen, where the sinners stand in mud up to their navels and are lashed with fiery chains, and a place where the sinners were burnt, half in fire and half in snow, with worms breeding in their own flesh crawling over them.

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Hell in The Book of Enoch

In the Book of Enoch, Hell is referred to as "Tartarus," a place of punishment for fallen angels who sinned against God. The book also speaks of a fiery abyss where the wicked are punished, and of a place called "the bottomless pit," where the worst sinners are confined.

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